I have lived most of my life in the South (mostly in Alabama and Mississippi), and since the craft beer renaissance began, hundreds of local, independently-owned craft breweries have emerged, with offerings that cover the whole gamut of beer types, from traditional wheat beers and saisons to modern fusions with bold combinations of unexpected flavors. This blog is dedicated to experiencing as many of these Southern-bred brews as possible. I aim to taste these beers and offer a vivid description of their body, mouthfeel, flavors, and other characteristics that encompass what makes a beer a beer. In other words, I’m reviewing beers from Southern breweries, mainly in Alabama and Mississippi (for now).

Along with beer reviews, you’ll also (hopefully) find interviews with brewers and brewery owners and descriptions of the on-site taprooms where they sell and distribute their products. Since taprooms have become de facto social spaces where bands play, people gather, and special events are held, it seems only fitting that you should know what they’re like, too, in case you decide to pay a visit to your favorite brewhouse.


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